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About us


Wren & Sparrow is a bird-centric nature store that places emphasis on harmony with nature. It is equally owned by Lisa MarkowiczBenoit and Amy Gardner and was officially established in May 2020. Lisa and Amy are seasoned business professionals and avid birders. Both owners have a deep passion for birds, pollinators, and nature in general, and have started Wren & Sparrow in order to develop the same passion for nature within the community.

The mission of Wren & Sparrow is to foster a community spirit of appreciation and respect for nature, increase awareness of native and migratory birds in our area, and provide resources to individuals interested in pursuing birding as a recreational activity.

The vision for Wren & Sparrow is to provide a destination shopping experience for any person interested in feeding birds, attracting pollinators, and becoming a good steward of nature. This store will inspire generations of birders, naturalists, and hobbyists to provide a safe environment to watch and commune with nature, as well as a place for nature to flourish and thrive within our community.

The values of Wren & Sparrow are integrity, environmentalism, and stewardship.