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Welcome To Our Blog

Welcome To Our Blog

A quick welcome to our blog and a quick rundown of what we carry!

Hello Everyone!

It is hard to believe that Wren & Sparrow has been open since February 14, 2021!  We have really been welcomed into the downtown Fredericksburg community as a small women/veteran owned business.  So much has happened during that time - including our online store, relationships with local businesses and nonprofits, and some fantastic partnerships with of amazing and talented local/regional craftspeople and artisans.

We will cover a myriad of topics in these blog post including backyard birding basics, tips and tricks. Additionally we will talk about local birding and migration, as well as issues impacting the greater birding community. If you have a topic you'd like us to cover, let us know!

In our both our physical and online store you will find a variety of seed, feeders, birdbaths and feeding accessories. Our seed comes from Lizzie Mae - which is an Amish farm in Ohio, and from Mr. Bird - a fantastic company out of Texas.  Our clay birdbaths are made in Roseville, Ohio by the Burley Clay company.  Our hardware (pole systems, shepherd's hooks, and accessories) are produced by ERVA manufacturing from Chicago, Illinois. Our feeders come from a number of different vendors, but they all are easy to clean, will last you for a long time, and will not harm the wildlife in any way.  All of our bird houses are made in USA out of high quality cedar.

We are so excited to be able to provide great insight, tips, and useful information to you through this blog!

Happy Birding,

Amy & Lisa

Wren & Sparrow



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